Millennium 2099 Bugs, Planned Features

M2099 has features, but more are needed! This is a running list of current bugs and features that are in development or being planned.

Some bugs found playing some of v0.9.1

  • Can’t seem to “use” items like pills
  • If inventory is full, picking up an item makes it disappear from the room
  • Lots of descriptions have carriage return issues (change “\n” to “\n\r”) (2/1/2013 got most of it)
  • Fighting seems slow, needs “how to” at start…
  • Players can’t look at items in inventory?
  • OOC messages post twice

Server issues/bugs

  • Need to change server shutdown to admin only command (2/1/2013 done)
  • Need to generate WorldStatus and UserList *.DAT files for servershutdown world persistence

Potential features to add to 0.9.2

  • “Probable command” function to make spelling issues less of a problem
  • Server administration GUI to provide administration capability without the need of login into the MUD through Telnet.

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