Millennium 2099 Quests

Millennium 2099 has a few adventures and quests for players, some more challenging than others. Solve the mysteries! Explore the world! Hunt the Wumpus!

1) Hunt the Wumpus! Find the creepy cave area, and talk to the old miner who lives nearby. If you have some special items in your inventory, you’ll launch a special minigame called Hunt the Wumpus! Good luck adventurer!

2) Secret FutureTek concoction. The FutureTek labs have a centrifuge which can utilize certain chemical concoctions to create a special item.

3) Nondescript Pills trip! Nondescript pills will do many things to you, one is send you on a wild journey which gives you lots of experience a few “stories.”

4) Elixir of life. When low on life, you might try hunting down a certain curvaceous mutant…

5) Friends for life… Don’t talk to filthy hobos when completely smashed drunk, unless you like that sort of thing. You may get more than you bargained for…

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