Millennium 2099 Revision History

A summary of the revision history of Millennium 2099, listing some of the features and bugs addressed over the years.

M2099 was first created in 2005, and has been in slow development as a hobby since.

Millennium 2099 revisions:

(Circa 2005) v0.1b –Never published, version created by SFN in college for a class project.  Let’s just say it wasn’t “fully functional.”

(Oct 2010) v0.9.0b – First functioning version! After a few years of tinkering and re-coding the MUD, M2099 was semi-functional.

(Oct 2010) v0.9.1b – Previous version had several bugs due to incompatibility with the previous Telnet web client.  Some fixes of input reading and carriage returns were applied to make it function properly with the JAVA applet client.  Additionally, a bug has been found that prevents world persistence after a server reboot.

(Feb 2020) v0. 9.2b – In order to improve the function of the game, a major refactoring of much of the core functionality allowed for more sustainable operation. New features added:

  • New server administration tools for real-time monitoring of world and players within.
  • Exportable backups of world for persistence when restarting server
  • Player login credentials are saved to maintain persistence if server is restarted

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