Millennium 2099

Coming Soon: Launch Millennium 2099!

Important note– SFN is not able to guarantee stability of the game or world therein, it’s being called a beta version for a reason! Have fun anyway!

Millennium 2099 is a text-based Multi User Dimension (MUD) game created by SFN a long time ago as a school project. Some information is provided below regarding the game and its intricacies, but as with most things it is best learned by trying it out!

Millennium 2099 is programmed in Java, and runs its own Telnet server which can be connected to via a Telnet client. The game’s content includes:

  • 5 player classes for selection and customizing
  • 60 unique locations to explore in a linked map structure
  • 63 categories of environmental objects and items which can be explored and in some cases interacted with to add to the player experience
  • 20 categories of equippable buffs to customize character capabilties
  • 11 categories of consumable items for healing or applying other “special properties” to characters
  • 11 classes of NPC character the players can interact and potentially do battle with, some more aggressive than others!
  • 12 weapon classes including mele and ranged weapons with unique characteristics and effectiveness
  • 5 hidden missions with varying levels of difficulty and potential loot for successful completion
  • Infinite possibilities!

For user convenience, a web-based telnet client has been sourced and embedded in the launch page to easily connect to the game using most web browsers.

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